SRC: our history

About SRC

SRC (Slot Racing Company, S.L.) was born in Madrid, Spain, on July 5th 2012, as the result of the union of two groups of people: motorsport passionate and design experts; with a single purpose: fill the gap that slot car and modeling lovers were asking for some time; offering the best 1:32 scale slot cars reproductions in limited and numbered series.

SRC arises from the passion for motorsport racing, for this reason it has acquired a fundamental commitment: quality and fidelity in its reproductions.

It is an honor to be able to say that, despite the short life of the Company, the market already places SRC as a worldwide leader in product quality.

We want to endure motorsport history with an exclusive product in numbered series, usually 1.020 units, making everyone who loves motorsport, this hobby and models happy, and return that “something” that is missing in slot car world.

In 2015 SRC approached the slot car competition world and reached an association agreement with the 1:32 scale slot car company OSC (Original Slot Cars), specialized in racing and competition mechanics, in order to boost the performance of all new SRC models on track.

OSC contributed with its R&D, know-how and a leadership trajectory in mechanical quality and performance of its slot cars. With the integration of OSC’s technology into the design and manufacturing processes of SRC, the mechanics of all new models improved exponentially.

Besides the technological upgradeapplied toall of its “Original” models, SRC launched in 2016 the “Chrono” series in order to introduce a new slot carcategory, designed specifically for competition, with OSC’s cutting edge technology and mechanics, and not in limited edition format for the first time.

Since the beginning SRC has maintained its commitment: own design and manufacture. All models that depart from the factory located in Castalla (Alicante) are 100% “Made in Europe” by SRC.