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There are many fans and collectors who have contacted us about this issue. Since the beginning of SRC, there have been many references that have been released. We wanted to collect and make available to all of you the references record of our different models. With it, it will be easy for you to check […]


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SRC 2.0 EVO entered the TRANS AM PROXY in North America with participants from around the world. Thanks to the work of Tony Palmer acting as steward and Ron Todhunter publishing results at, we have begun our most intense competition in NORTH AMERICA! Since the start, the SRC PORSCHE 914/6GT has been the model […]

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SRC atención al cliente

From SRC we feel a personal connection with all slot car fans We are excited as our customers enjoy our collection of cars, accessories and customization kits. In order to serve you faster we have enabled our service through WhatsApp in the following number: +34  673 836 536 Our SRC team is continually improving to […]

Remembering the 1973 SWEDEN F1 GP

From SRC, as you well know, we like to remember the history of motorsport, the epic moments that make us feel the emotion of the great prizes and the most famous races in the world. Emotions that are a source of inspiration for the design and construction of our slot cars. Denny Hulme McLaren Ford […]

Montecarlo Rally 1971

Rally Montecarlo 1971 1ª prueba de Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes  Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes 1971 – 40 Edición Rally Montecarlo Rally Montecarlo 1971  Crónica del Rally por SRC Slot Car Company  Para que nos hagamos una idea, los primeros ingenieros de Porsche necesitaban saber cuánta potencia podía aguantar realmente el chasis del 914. […]

The McLaren M23 for slot track

McLaren M23 for slot track - SRC

The M23 is one of SRC targets, and after many technical changes and Company efforts, this slot car is finally going to see light… Acclaimed by many people, the McLaren M23 will be released soon and its first three versions will be, apart from mythical, very attractive. SRC’s Production Department continuesto work very hard so […]

SRC’s new Ford Capri

New Ford Capri chassis - SRC

The renewed SRC’s Ford Capri slot car incorporates a new chassis that provides the best performance to a beautiful reproduction. You can enjoy its two bodywork versions: rally and circuit.

McLaren’s M23

The Lotus 72 debuted in 1970,keep calm I have not mistaken the car, this blog is about the McLaren M23, but wehave to start with the Lotus 72 to understand M23’s history.