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SRC 2.0 EVO entered the TRANS AM PROXY in North America with participants from around the world. Thanks to the work of Tony Palmer acting as steward and Ron Todhunter publishing results at www.slotmods.com, we have begun our most intense competition in NORTH AMERICA! Since the start, the SRC PORSCHE 914/6GT has been the model to beat in this championship. For us it is an honor to be able to supply our cars and our spare parts to this part of the world. Every time we Continue to improve our Chrono upgrade parts with in-line mechanics which have been reliable and produced great results on the tracks of our country. And have done the same abroad. Given the variables, it is difficult to engineer products like we have at SRC that can produce results both in Europe and North America.
In order to get ahead in 2020, against manufacturers have constantly evolved for years in their mechanics and with the new technology of 3D printed chassis, the SRC PORSCHE 914/6 GT also competes well and performs well on the different circuits throughout the Trans Am Proxy.
If the PORSCHE 914 / 6GT UPGRADE with T1 CHASSIS continues to give results, we will have to think about producing a T2 to show where SRC 2.0 EVO can go with its design and execution to continue to perform where the tracks vary in both speed and difficulty across Europe , North America and other countries.
Our special thanks to Tony Palmer for his work and detailed report below.

Congratulations! THANK YOU!



At SRC, we continue to develop products to meet the needs of our customers. We continue with our idea that a product like ours is


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