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Black Pat SRC Tyres technical specifications 

MTX tyre
Rubber base material from which we started to carry out all the exams to later evolve the hardness * and wear. Rear section tire with different hardnesses: Soft in composition.  Recommended for tracks with eroded plastic grain. * Different hardnesses where 100 is the softest and 1 is the hardest.

Tyre  MTX 100Ref: RN0110

hardness grade

Tyre MTX 82Ref: RN0111

Hardness grade

Tyre MTX 64 – Ref: RN0114

Hardness grade

SRC designs and engineers tyres that have been individually developed to enhance the features of your slot car. Front and rear tyres to suit all car types and track surfaces. Special designed to win slot car competition.

Tyres MAX100 – Referencia: RN0115

Hardness grade

Tyre MAX82 – Ref: RN0116

Hardness grade

Tyres MAX64 – Ref: RN0117

Hardness grade

Tyres MAX52 – Ref: RN0118

Hardness grade

Commitment with Clubs and Distributors

The SRC team is concerned about the importance of clubs and distributors, so we have a special agreement with them. If you are a Club or a dealer you only have to access your Club account to enjoy special discounts.