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SRC’s new Ford Capri

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New Ford Capri chassis - SRC

The renewed SRC’s Ford Capri slot car incorporates a new chassis that provides the best performance to a beautiful reproduction. You can enjoy its two bodywork versions: rally and circuit.

The extra expense that an amateur fan has to make in order to upgrade this slot car is minimal, therefore the prices of the product end up being cheap. It has an unbeatable starting point: good axles and aluminium wheels, superb crowns and pinions, excellent tyres, a guide and engines which will make history… material quality is impressive and with the right choice you will obtain an aggressive slot-sport car.

Upgrade chasis Ford Capri - SRC

Mechanical analysis and options

The new chassis designed specifically for the Ford Capri has independent motor mounts (Sidewinder or In-line) made of nylon with dry materials alloy. We have 3 hardness chassis and different motor mounts (Black-Hard, Red-Medium, White-Soft) so we can have several configurations that allow us to find the one that best suits us. The advanced guide with suspension is the well-known OSC designed and very well appreciated by slot racers. The performance of many of the parts as the guide, adopted from OSC, provide this renewed product with exceptional value added characteristics. Within the range of spare parts, we can choose to change the length of the suspension springs or the short stem guide (T1). Axles are made out of steel and are calibrated, which ensures good behaviour without vibrations. The wheels are aluminium calibrated fixed by a M2.5 screw. Front tyres without grip from another manufacturer have been arranged in our initial versions since it is a rear-wheel drive car and there is no need of grip on the front axle; remember that all of our CHRONO tyres have completely different characteristics. As a fundamental part for a good behaviour of the car, the front axle has a height adjustment system through screws. The rear tyres are the esteemed OSC known for their exceptional grip. We can choose within the range of spare parts for tyres between RN0101 narrower and lower profile if we want to get the car closer to the track or the RN0103 somewhat wider and slightly higher profile.

Within the motor mounts we can choose In-line or a Sidewinder configuration.

In-line Configuration

Chasis Ford Capri - SRC
Chassis with in-line configuration

For the In-line configuration, the fixing of the motor to the motor mount is done by means of screws, which is always a guarantee. In terms of development we can choose from the available Chrono options between 9Z,10Z and 11Z pinions and 24Z and 27Z crowns (SRC crowns have the smallest external diameter of the market), being able to achieve different developments depending on the modality we want to race. The crowns are made of plastic with metal insert, brass or aluminium, that is fixed to the shaft by a M2.5 screw. The module has been developed in order to obtain a perfect gear between the pinion and the crown.

Sidewinder Configuration

Chasis Ford Capri Sidewinder - SRC
Chassis with sidewinder configuration

For the Sidewinder configuration, we have developed a plastic piece that once screwed, fixes the motor to the motor mount preventing it from jumping out of it. The position of the engine has been studied to transversely centre the weights in the slot car and improve its behaviour. A gear development has been developed using a 11Z pinion and a 32Z plastic crown with brass or aluminium insert. One of the narrowest crowns in the market.

Block C support

Soporte Block C-1 Ford Capri - SRC
Block C support with In-line mount

To ensure a perfect behaviour of the slot car in competition new pieces have been developed by our R&D department: the so called “Block C” supports. These pieces avoid us from gluing the rear axle to prevent it from leaving its normal position in an impact, as it has been always done in the past. Block C is directly screwed to the motor mount.


Another option offered by the independent motor mount is to install the springs that are included on every slot car in order to provide the car with a suspension. We can regulate it by using the four screws and we can choose between springs of two different lengths.

As you can see, all of this gives us a very studied chassis in order to obtain the best performance, with different configurations that allow the user to adjust it according to his needs and purpose.

This among with the new light cockpit, available for rally or circuit versions, makes the SRC Ford Capri a slot car that will give many satisfactions to fans who demand more and more to their slot cars


At SRC, we continue to develop products to meet the needs of our customers. We continue with our idea that a product like ours is


1. It is recommended to thread a tap of the diameter corresponding to the holes of the following parts: 1.1 For the Offset bedplate, Offset