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The story of SRC

SRC is the result of the union of passionate and experts from the motor world, on the one hand, and the design world, on the other. We both pursue a common goal: to offer the best 1:32 scale slot car reproductions in numbered and limited series, both to slot lovers and modeling in general, who also demanded that someone fill that gap.

Until now, slot cars related to rally, speed and competition have always predominated; many fans missed a greater variety of classic slot cars. SRC knew how to see this lack at the right time and offer what was being asked.

This agreement was born on July 5, 2012; and in 2015 SRC entered the world of competition through a partnership with the 1:32 scale slot car company OSC (Original Slot Cars).

In this way, SRC intended to enhance the performance of the new models on the track.

Thanks to OSC technology, its leading track record in mechanical quality and slot car performance, SRC has managed to exponentially improve the mechanics of all the new models it started to manufacture at that time.

At the same time as this technological update was taking place, SRC launched in 2016 the “Chrono” series, a collection that includes the new mini slot cars designed especially to compete. These have the latest technology and OSC mechanics.

For the first time, these slot cars were offered in a non-limited edition.

SRC’s exclusive numbered serial products delight motorsport, hobby and model buffs, who finally have access to previously impossible slot cars and components.

Despite the fact that SRC is a young company, it has managed to position itself with mastery and a great job by its professionals. For this reason it has achieved its own name in the world of slot cars and the recognition of fans.

The success of our company is based on having been able to match the demand of a certain sector of fans of motor racing and layout, who were looking for more variety in terms of classic cars.

In addition, our exclusive products related to the history of Formula 1 and competition are designed, especially, for those fans who are looking to have unique products in their hands with careful details.

Our path follows an upward path. New parts and components made with the best materials and exceptional details come to light continuously.

Whether you like buying slot cars or prefer to assemble or modify them, you can count on SRC to find everything you need.