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Almost 28 years have passed when the first parallel event to the RALLY CATALUNYA COSTA BRAVA of the 1: 1 scale World Championship emerged. The SCALEXTRIC event as the main name in 1993 gave way to the following year with NINCO DESARROLLOS, S.L; As a novelty among manufacturers, a trajectory marked by the meeting of the elite of the competition at RALLYSLOT began with a tremendous interest in a category event. Back in 1994, the first RALLYSLOT NINCO CATALUNYA COSTA-BRAVA was organized parallel to the 1: 1 world rally and right in the Paseo de Lloret de Mar. From that event commanded by “Xevi” Valverde, competitions began to be introduced into a “professional field ”. Year after year it was consolidated as a unique date and selected by more than half a thousand people where any piece engineered by a competitor saw the light in a 1:32 scale car.

In the eleventh event, going to the last one held on the Costa-Brava, they were looking for approved tools that would do an important job of verifying rules or regulations. A selection of those pilots valued exposing an idea that in the end was carried out by a company dedicated to electronics (KELVIN LIGHT, S.L de José Luis Salmerón). Two of those pilots (Kike Peralta and Alberto Jódar) studied the operation of a machine that was named UMS after another pilot (José Trujillo), and since its staging it has become a fundamental tool.


In 2018 we saw the opportunity to to take over the generational change of this machine with a previous study and our own design. The request for this tool by more than a hundred people in our country, who had not had the possibility of having the first KELVIN LIGHT UMS, made us value its production. For this, we have the advice and collaboration of Alberto Jódar; one of the “thinking heads” that he collaborated with Jesús Cobo and Marco A. Camino to put a renewed, evolved, functional, reliable and quality product in the sector.

We give way to our UMS, always working to improve and to be able to put quality products in the sector at the service of competition and collecting.

Thank you for trusting our products to all those people who value our work!


At SRC, we continue to develop products to meet the needs of our customers. We continue with our idea that a product like ours is


1. It is recommended to thread a tap of the diameter corresponding to the holes of the following parts: 1.1 For the Offset bedplate, Offset