5 consejos para guardar los coches slot

5 tips for storing slot cars

1.Display Cabinets or Cases: Invest in display cabinets or cases designed for collectibles. These can help protect your rare slot cars from dust, moisture, and physical damage while allowing you to showcase them.

2.Temperature and Humidity Control: Store your slot cars in a climate-controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity levels. Extremes in temperature and humidity can cause damage over time, including warping and rust.

3.Individual Boxes or Sleeves: If possible, keep each rare slot car in its individual box or protective sleeve. This prevents them from coming into direct contact with each other, reducing the risk of scratches or paint damage.

4.Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep your slot cars away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade paint and decals, reducing the car’s collectible value. Like sunlight, fluorescent tubes also emit ultraviolet light, which damages paint, plastics and tyres.

5.Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your rare slot cars for any signs of damage, deterioration, or dust accumulation. Cleaning and maintenance can help prevent issues from becoming more severe over time.

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