In this blog entry we will make a brief explanation of this Light Kit that we introduce in the market for the use and enjoyment of all the fans: The RM0191 Light Kit has been developed all in Spain looking for maximum illumination, in the shortest possible time without leaving aside the weight.

This kit has a weight of 2.48g approx. with power cable and switch, something that makes it very easy to assemble without relying on external components. We have also looked for the lowest possible power consumption within the parameters that our test teams have asked for.

As we can see in the image, the kit has very thin cables to optimize weight. It also has high brightness SMD LEDs, having a cool white tone in the front and red in the rear. The advantage of these SMD LEDs is their small size, with a 1.6mm drill bit being sufficient for placement in headlight optics. As mentioned, the light kit incorporates a switch soldered to an electronic board, which ensures that we can place the component in any position without worrying that the glue we use will damage the component.

In the following image you can see that the kit mounted on a car (Porsche 919LMP 2017 ref: RC 2001) guarantees us a cable length long enough to accommodate to our liking the entire installation, ensuring optimum performance. This light kit does not have flashing when the power supply stops and it does have a brake light.

As you can see in these images the RM0191 kit with the club (Club Slot Elda) totally dark we can vaguely appreciate the pilot who performed the tests, that said it guarantees a good lighting when participating in night races.

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