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SRC 2.0 EVO enters the TRANS AM PROXY to stay. Thanks to the work of Tony Palmer in competition and Ron Todhunter in publications, we have started our most intense racing experience in NORTH AMERICA. Since the beginning of the championship they have trusted in the PORSCHE 914/6GT as the model to beat in this championship. It is an honour for us to be able to serve this country with our cars and our mechanics. We are improving all the time, but the parts of this type of in-line mechanics are really reliable and give us good results on the tracks of our country. As it is established there, it is complicated to get it right. The United States is a country to investigate, but despite the relevant evolution that is giving us excellent moments and good results, to get ahead in this 2020, against manufacturers who have years of evolution in their mechanics and the new era of 3D printing chassis, it is very difficult in a new scenario for us with inline mechanics; but the PORSCHE 914/6 GT defends itself and integrates itself in the different circuits of the championship. If the PORSCHE 914/6GT UPGRADE with T1 CHASSIS continues to perform, we will have to think about making the T2 to show where SRC 2.0 EVO is with its design team and product execution within a country where the mechanicals are variable, diverse and explicit for the speed tracks that exist in NORTH AMERICA.Our special thanks to Tony Palmer for his work and careful reporting. congratulations! THANK YOU!

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