Be Part of SRC's Future! New Investment Opportunity

We are writing to you, customer and slot fan, to announce a great news that will mark a turning point in our history. Starting this July, we are opening an Equity Crowdfunding round through the Fellow Funders platform, giving you the opportunity to become an owner-partner of SRC.

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Our SuperFan

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa, icon of Spanish motorsport, former Formula 1 driver and current sports commentator, goes one step further in his love for slot cars and declares himself an SRC SuperFan.

Keys to our common commitment:

  • Credibility: Experience, prestige and quality.
  • Shared Vision: Excellence and innovation.
  • Global Reach: High visibility in the international slot market.

With Pedro by our side, SRC is more committed -if possible- to offer first class products to be at the level of a worldwide recognized figure in motorsport.

  • New Cars and Components in 1/32

    Innovate and develop unique models and components. We want to satisfy existing demand and attract new consumers with innovative and exciting with innovative and exciting products.

  • International Expansion

    Extend our presence in Europe, USA and Asia. We will focus on penetrating key markets with strategic alliances and expanding our distribution network to reach new customers.

  • Marketing y Canal Digital

    Lead the slot transformation with advanced digital strategies. We will enhance our online shop and marketing using cutting-edge technologies and strategies to become the industry benchmark.

  • New Facilities and SRC Arena

    To create a pioneering concept in the city of Alicante (Spain) that combines entertainment and competition. To improve our facilities in a new 1,600 m2 of 1.600 m2, located in Alicante (Spain).

  • Track Development

    To manufacture high quality tracks for competition. We want to be a reference manufacturer in the industry and create the best slot tracks on the market, both analogue and digital.

  • Encouraging Competition

    To be a link between clubs and fans. We want to unite the slot enthusiasts, encouraging competition and social meeting, to enjoy a to enjoy a complete and enriching experience, both in the physical and digital world.

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How can you participate?

You can become an investor with a minimum ticket size of €2,000.

  1. If you are interested in investing, click below on the "JOIN PROJECT" button and enter the project website at Fellow Funders.
  2. Within that website, click again on the "JOIN PROJECT" button and complete the form that will be displayed.
  3. Fellow Funders will send you an email with the invitation to register for free as an investor with your ID on the platform and access the project.

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From July 2024, you will be able to access to acquire the tickets you want from Fellow Funders and make your investment effective.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Fellow Funders at or +34 91 02608 48. You can also contact us at We are here to help you every step of the way.