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The slot car Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 based on 1:32 scale, is the novelty in steel molds of the new SRC project.

It is a new product that will enter fully into the high competition, within the LMP1 category as a rival to Toyota LMP1.

The main feature is the double position of the engine in interchangeable engine mounts with Anglewinder and Linear suspension.

It is worth mentioning its easy assembly and regulation by means of the special screws included in the design.



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  • 1 x chassis T2-D (hard) + 1 x chassis support Bolt T1 + 2 x bolt 1,6x4mm(RM1014) + Screw stud 2,5x6mm
  • 1 x front carbon axle 2mm(RM0216) + 4 x front axle adjusting screw 2,5x3mm
  • 2 x front rim 16,8mm ABS exclusive for 2mm axle + 2 x low profile tire Grip-0(RN0201)
  • 1 x S7 guide (RM0716) + 1 x RM0704 + 2 x braid(RM0706) + 1 x screw 1,8x6mm(RM1002) + 1 x spacer 560/316(RM1405)
  • 2 x Supremex SRC4 screw(RM1023) chassis and body connection + 1 x rear chassis deflector
  • 1 x extra hard Offset motor mount (RM1624)
  • 1 x rear axle with bearings(RM0524)
  • 1 x stopper (RM0523) + 2 x set screw 2x2mm (RM1008) + 1 x spacer length 1,8 and diameter 4mm (RM0507)
  • 1 x gear / ring gear 28z AW(RM0410) + 1 x stud 2x2mm(RM1008) + 1 x sprocket 12z AW(RM0305)
  • 2 x rear rim 16,8mm(RM0628) + 2 x stud 2,5×2,5mm + 2 x rear tire(RN0115)
  • 1 x motor P1(RM0111) + motor flange FK +Motor flange for engine FLAT (RM1612) screw 1,4x4mm(RM1021) + motor screw 2x4mm(RM1006)
  • 2 x screw Block-S(RM1021) + 2 x rear spring(RM0830)
  • 2 x side shock absorber support + 2 x Supremex 2 SRC screw(RM1017)+ 2 x side spring L8,5x6E(RM0834)
  • *Body: 2 x screws 1,4x3mm (RM1020)+ accessories + light cabin + 1 x generic PORSCHE/SRC decals + Instruction booklet
  • SRC complete slot box/red color (RC1051)

**Extra decals: Generic PORSCHE 914/6GT SRC + RALLYSLOT LEGEND SRC

**Manufacturer´s recommentations.



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