• Original Spare Parts

    Parts based on 1:32 scale, designed as spare parts for the ORIGINAL slot car range. Details on availability, style and review possibility.

    Original Spare Parts 
  • Chrono Spare Parts

    High quality parts based on 1:32 scale, perfect for improving the performance of your slot car and for successful racing.

    Chrono Spare Parts 
  • S&B Spare Parts

    Parts based on the remaining 1:32 scale of our productions, with some imperfections that do not meet the quality standards of the ORIGINAL or CHRONO ranges.

    S&B Spare Parts 
  • S&B Spare Parts Scrapping

    Economic parts based on 1:32 scale with small production defects. Ideal for handicraft projects and slot car adaptations.

    S&B Spare Parts Scrapping 
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