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SRC 2.0 EVO is used in R&D for mould making processes with the sole purpose of obtaining the highest possible quality in its products. The production of a steel mould with a specific quality diversifies the possibility of using injection moulding materials that have special properties for racing use.

The parts that belong to the mechanics of the reproduced cars, which have to be made of plastic due to concept, scale or regulations, it is very important that in the injection moulding process they come out with an optimum quality for this function. Likewise, quality is also reflected in the aesthetic process of our products. In the latter we achieve the joints, the details and the value of a part when it has injection moulding quality. With this brief explanation we come to one of the main objectives of the brand. This objective is to combine aesthetics and dynamism to obtain beauty in the aesthetic parts and efficiency in the dynamic parts that are part of the mechanics.

A car in SRC 2.0 EVO has to be beautiful on the track and has to be as good as possible as a competition car in its category and scale.

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