On September 1, 2002, exactly 20 years ago, the 1999 SLOT.IT Audi R8 C made its debut in the “mythical” 24 Hours of Slot de Sant Celoni.

The feat housed a great final triumph, managing to capture the 3 places on the podium, and defeating against all odds the NINCO brand; which up to that point, dominated endurance racing on our scale.

From that moment, all the fans saw that the world of SLOT competition had changed forever. In this way, it went from a toy car adapted to run on a speed track to cars that required handling to be a much more serious “hobby”, with much higher quality material, and expressly designed to compete.

Over the years, the dominance of the Italian brand was notable throughout the world and that made the hobby grow among us. At the same time, the competition grew with the plastic track of the Catalan firm NINCO as the protagonist.

The events grew, the clubs joined the renovation of the track and above all the competition was gaining momentum with the opening of stores that marked a golden age in the SLOT. In the transmission from 2000 to 2010, some continued, others became extinct and some of them ventured to leave the activity as a company to become a manufacturer.

At present, and as the protagonist of this story, the renewed brand SLOT RACING COMPANY (SRC) was fully introduced among all the fans that we follow in high competition.

This year, in 2022, the SRC Toyota TS050 Hybrid has managed to revolutionize the world of slot competition, finally winning the best slot car race on a plastic track that is held in our country and possibly in the whole world.

The scenario of the 24 Hours MASTER SLOT in Móstoles (Madrid), would be marked by the impressive race carried out and highlighting that of the top five positions, the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th places would be of the SRC mechanics with a new philosophy in terms of to design, quality of materials and manufacturing 100% in Spain, which takes slot competition to a new level”.

A new era is coming…

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