We manufacture and distribute high-end slot cars. We carry within us the spirit of competition, we surpass ourselves every day to offer the best quality in our cars and feel the excitement in the races.

Development and innovation are its engines of action. These, together with the use of the most advanced technology, have achieved that SRC has traced an impeccable trajectory marked by a long sporting tradition in the world of Slot.

One of its mainstays is the manufacture of compounds for tires, which have won slot car championships; thus highlighting the quality of their work. Months of tests and trials result in components of unsurpassed quality.

All this effort in the development of new technologies in the slot car sector is accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia for classic cars and


This passion is combined with other factors to produce the best versions of the legendary Slot cars.

Today we have become a world reference for quality and our products are sold in countries on all continents.

The combination of showcase and competition models makes SRC's offer work very well among slot fans, who appreciate that our company merges both aspects to offer something different and with an excellent quality.