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Ford Capri 2600 LV Tour de France 1973 #53 Rouget Circuito

Ford Capri 2600 LV Tour de France 1973 #53 Rouget Circuito

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Ford Capri 2600 LV No.53 Tour de France 1973. Corresponds to the Ford Capri that Jean Pierre Rouget drove in the Tour de France in 1973. The Tour de France mixed rally sections such as the Tourmalet or the mythical Turiní with circuit races such as Montjuich , Paul Ricard or Le Mans to reach 1135.55 km in the 1973 edition.

The spectacular LE GRAND BAZAR livery corresponds to the film by LES CHARLOTS, a comedy rock group that promoted it in competition, being a highly recognized and admired livery by fans.

Slot car 1:32 Limited and numbered edition of 415 units

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Product Details

  • RM0104 Engine C2 ; sidewinder position.
  • RM0404 Corona 32z SW
  • RM0303 Sprocket 11z SW
  • RM1110 Black-hard nylon/fiber chassis (hardness).
  • RM1604 Bench SW nylon/fiber black-hard color (hardness).
  • RM1002 Engine mounting bolt.
  • RM0712 Guide T4 CHRONO.
  • RM0806 Guide spring T2.
  • RM1002 Guide screw.
  • RM0602 Aluminum rims
  • RM1305 BBS discs inserted.
  • RN0106 Tires.
  • RM0203 Front axle 47mm.
  • RM0206 Rear axle 50mm.
  • RM0516 Anti-friction bearing with 7.2/4mm spacer.
  • RM0518 Anti-friction bearing with special flange 5/6mm.
  • RM1607 Block C.
  • RM1012 Chassis-body screws.
  • RM1208 Neodymium magnet.
  • RM0706 Trencillas.
  • RM1404 Washers/Spacers.

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