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T1 Circuit race guide

T1 Circuit race guide

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Top sellers for circuit slot cars. Used on Ninco, Scaleauto, Carrera, Policar and Scalextric tracks both digital and analogue.
Perfect sliding / top quality / very resistant / optimum durability.

Characteristics of the T1 guides:

  • Guide T1 P/Nylon. Stem 7'80mm
  • Screw (1'8mm x 6mm) + spacer 560-316


      Product Details

      At SRC, we have designed atop quality slot guideto enhance the performance of any competition slot car with a stem system based on the analyzes carried out by our competition drivers and test drivers.

      As a result, we offer you ultralight guides with perfect sliding, minimal friction, maximum resistance and great durability.

      Our guides are made with our special compoundSmooth Flow Ultralight by SRC©based on nylon, which make them ultralight and almost indestructible guides.

      Compatible Track Brands:

      • Scalextric Original or Black: 5.10 mm rail
      • Ninco: rail 6.65 mm
      • Stroke: rail 7.21 mm
      • Scalextric Advance or gray: rail 7.95 mm
      • Scaleauto Pro Track: 8.5 mm rail
      • Policar: rail 8.5 mm
      • Wood: rail between 8 and 9 mm

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