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Slot car with maximum detail for lovers of the collection and with optimal results on the track

Compatible with all tracks in the sector. It does not have the digital system but it does have space to adapt it.

Watch video: Replace the SIEM cover for the lights on the front bumper.

Product Details

  • 1 x chasis Universal
  • 1 x M3/N Motor + 1 x Pinion 9z (RM0301)
  • 2 x motor screws 2×4 zn
  • 2 x cables 75mm + 2 x terminales + 2 x trencillas 22mm
  • 1 x guide T2 black + 1 x guide spring T2+ 1 x washer 580/318 + 1 x screw 1.8×6
  • 2 x 53mm axle + 1 x T1A pulley + 1 x T4 pulley
  • 4 x aluminum rims with studs and type 1 hubcaps (RM1307)
  • 1 x corona 27z bronce "RM0402"
  • 1 x correa 56mm
  • 2 x 1.8 x 6 front bolts + 2 x 1.8×8 rear bolts + (2+2) shock absorber stops + 4 x rods
  • 2 x front suspension springs (RM0816) + rear (RM0808)
  • 2 "front special bearing" + 2 x double rally bearings
  • 4 x "Trear" tire (RN0109)
  • 2 x chassis-body screw (1.8 x 6mm)
  • 1 x Bag Accessories: 1 x Antenna; 1+1 x auxiliary headlights + 2 x auxiliary headlight caps + 2 replacement headlights/SIEM cover option

In 1986, Lancia decided to give Tabaton the opportunity to compete in the European Rally Championship and assigned him a Lancia Delta S4. He completed thirteen events, winning the Rally Costa Brava, Rally Catalunya, Madeira, Kalkidikis, Principe de Asturias and San Marino, finishing fourth in Costa Esmeralda. With these results, the Italian couple Fabrizzio Tabaton and Luca Tedeschini would win the 1986 European Championship. Fabrizzio Tabaton is the son of fellow rally driver Luigi Tabaton. Luigi was the founder of the well-known Grifone team. With this team as the main force for that 1986 season, he would go on top of the podium with manufacturer LANCIA. Fabrizzio would have a big advantage in two of the rallies we have decided to emulate.

For SRC 2.0 EVO, the reference 04003 will be Rally Costa Brava.

As an important note, we want to highlight in our LANCIA DELTA S4 project that in this case the different details and bodywork options as well as in the real model are for show.
Our work on this model is the difference in bodywork with the different version of the upper spoiler, front body deflectors and set up configuration. We want to transmit it to the public so that they do not think that it is the same decoration and another car the same. It is not. For us it is very important to show our project because it is a value in our steel moulds.
In this version we also give the option to change the front bumper lights. In this way, the SIEM covers can be replaced by lights with a small punch to extract it in case someone wants to change it and have both versions of the model as in reality. It also has the long version of auxiliary headlights with four bulbs.

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