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McLaren Ford M23 GP Suecia 1973 Denny Hulme

McLaren Ford M23 GP Suecia 1973 Denny Hulme

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Slot car with maximum detail for lovers of the collection and with optimal results on the track

*Unboxing video by Dave Kennedy:


The Yardley McLaren Ford M23 with which the New Zealand driver Denny Hulme won the Swedish Grand Prix of 1973 starting 6th in the grid, ahead of Ronnie Peterson with Lotus (who started from the pole) and y François Cevert with Tyrrell (Who started 2nd).

  • Numbered edition consists of 1015 limited product units.

Product Details

  • Crown 24z special motor shaft 1.5mm.
  • Motor pinion 10z special motor shaft 1.5mm.
  • Special module inline crown pinion 0,5mm.
  • Carry neodymium magnet.

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