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Test Drivers SRC 2.0 EVO

Close to SRC and in front of all the public that is following us, in this short report, we are pleased to talk a little about our test drivers.

Gradually, since 2018, we have been forming a new team of test drivers for SRC. While we commented that back in 2012 in full development of the PEUGEOT 205 T16 EVO1 we had the MR RACING SLOT team where José Manuel Fernández Álvarez, Javier Diaz Suarez and Sergio Moro Robledo would be the three drivers we had for that development. They were not only loyal to the OSC brand at that time, but they were also determined to do their best to be by our side.

Test Drivers SRC

That experience had been very important for all of us for many reasons. The most obvious of these reasons was that we were launching our first SLOT model as a manufacturer in the industry. The bond between people is very important and that is what makes this job or task important. Those of us who are friends are even more united because we work seriously, with a special care and with a professionalism that is shared at every moment of the tests.


Well, after 6 years we returned to this unfinished business. To this end, as project manager at SRC 2.0 EVO, I set out to improve many aspects of the company's products under development for use in competition by putting together a team again in order to have an efficient external collaboration. Personally, I have always valued collaboration in this type of development because it creates a very important link between the users and the brand. For us, a test driver is a person who exhibits our products at competitions because he or she trusts our products and values us selflessly.

For us, there will always be one phrase that stands out because trust has to shine through. That phrase is:

Always counting on our faithful arm in the competition....


The dynamic is that at SRC we have a group of people from different countries who test our parts, prototypes, cars, mechanical evolutions, etc. Little by little, we have been evolving certain products with them to improve and become a brand that the competition likes. From the beginning, we put our trust in the group because they have shown that they work as ambassadors of our brand wherever they go, wherever they go, be it in one modality or another.


In 2019 we went through certain levels of difficulty that we gradually overcame thanks to them. A "Test Driver" becomes a friend, with a tremendous affinity with the brand and who shows what he really has in his hands on and off the track.

The Circuit competitions "on speed track" were absent in the SRC lists and now due to many of them and the CLUBS that were part of the project we have entered the rankings.

Simply put, with a mechanically renewed product for fun on the tracks, we have managed to reach several continents. The work is not at all easy with a product as simple as the one we had modified. The truth is that the PORSCHE 914/6GT had gone from a static state to a dynamic state of an excellent level on the circuits of many countries.


RallySlot competitions had a name. Before this modality, many of the pilots of the country where the brand resides, were granting product level by the results in the races. In the modality of "classics and historic" we were consolidating as a valued brand because people were rating our cars taken from the platform and urn, placing the car on the track and commenting that they were ready to enjoy.


For SRC, this group of dear people, where today we are mainly united by friendship, has for SRC the important value of a trustworthy person, because any part from our workshops, our factory and our warehouse passes through their hands to be always united to the best work of SRC. Together, with all of them, we always think that what we can offer to the sector is something that really works.Test-driver-SRC8

Thank you very much for being by our side and above all for trusting in what we do.

The passion we have for this hobby increases working with you.

You are exceptional!

Marco Antonio Camino
SRC 2.0 EVO.

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