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FUCHS "ORIGINAL" type wheel

FUCHS "ORIGINAL" type wheel

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  • 2 x “ORIGINAL” hubs calibrated in aluminum-double color.
  • Measurement in diameter 15’8 mm.
  • Lightened with a specific weight of 1’gr. (Tolerance + 0’3 gr).
  • Central bushing with double orifice for metric prisoner tappet 2’5×0,45×3.
  • Millimeters of length of the grub screw placement 6 mm.
  • Diameter of the bushing for 2’38 mm axle.
  • Tire section width 8’30 mm. “Heel” wheel rim 0,8mm.
  • 1 x allen key.
  • 6 x grub screws.

SKU: SP10021

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