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Servicio de atención al cliente.

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En SRC se establece un vínculo con las personas que consumen nuestros productos a través de un servicio de atención al cliente esmerado. La reunión interna para hablar de nuestros clientes ha sido con toda la intención de mejorar los servicios de consumo al cien por cien en nuestra tienda on-line o distribuidores. * SRC […]

The McLaren M23 for slot track

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The M23 is one of SRC targets, and after many technical changes and Company efforts, this slot car is finally going to see light… Acclaimed by many people, the McLaren M23 will be released soon and its first three versions will be, apart from mythical, very attractive. SRC’s Production Department continuesto work very hard so […]

SRC has the conviction that we are many Slot Cars, motorsport and car modellovers around the world … for that reason we want SRC to be known worldwide as an exclusive, premium quality, European 1/32 scale Slot Cars manufacture brand, focused on classic cars, all chosen by an internal Product Committee that is integrated by the best experts.